Why you need a workers compensation lawyer

You or a loved one has been hurt at work and you have questions like: How do I get paid, how much will I get, and do I need a workers’ compensation lawyer?


See if you need a workers’ compensation lawyer

If any of the following statements are true, you should retain a workers’ compensation lawyer as soon as possible for your workers’ compensation case:


  • Your workplace injuries are severe enough to require surgery.
  • Your workplace injuries are moderate to severe. If you and your doctor believe your health won’t return to the condition it was prior to your injury, you may be entitled to a “permanent partial disability” award.
  • You believe you are no longer able to work on a regular basis in any job.
  • You believe you cannot go back to work at your current job, but believe you could work in some capacity.
  • You have significant pre-existing disabilities.
  • You would like to dispute an adverse decision made by your employer, your employer’s insurance company, or your state’s workers’ comp division regarding your workers’ compensation claim.
  • You believe you are not receiving the correct benefits, or wonder if there are additional benefits you could receive.
  •  Your medical benefits are denied.
  • Your employer has disputed a decision made by your state workers’ comp division.
  • You do not understand the workers’ comp process and would feel more comfortable if an expert were representing your interests.
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No matter what happened or who was at fault in your workers’ compensation claim, you are entitled to obtain a lawyer. To get the workers’ compensation benefits you are entitled to in situations where your injuries are severe enough that your life will be permanently altered a workers’ comp attorney may be necessary to advocate on your behalf. Your lawyer can advise you on filing for social security disability benefits if your injury will keep you from work permanently.

If your claim or any part of your claim is in dispute with your employer, or your employer’s insurance company, it is imperative for you to obtain a workers’ compensation lawyer. So you are not at a disadvantage in New York’s highly legal complex rules and procedures you should retain a lawyer to represent your interests.


Request a Free Consultation

Most lawyers handling workers’ compensation will give you a free consultation, usually thirty to forty minutes, to review your claim and assess whether you need an attorney. The attorney should be candid regarding your need for legal representation and your chances of success if you are considering appealing an adverse decision. The attorney can help you decide if you need representation.

Speaking to a workers’ compensation lawyer sooner, rather than later, can ensure that your claim is on the right track from the beginning. It is easier for the attorney to gather evidence and push your claim in the right direction early in your claim, instead of catching up if your claim is already in litigation.

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