Social Security Disability Attorneys

At Ramos & Ramos our attorneys understand how devastating a denied Social Security Disability claim can be. When these benefits are the applicant’s main source of income, it can have dire consequences on that person and their family. an initial denial does not necessarily mean that the applicant is not entitled to benefits, more often than not, applications for Social Security Disability are initially denied. 

It is very unfortunate that most applicants who were rejected choose to abandon their claims instead of appealing the denial. Claimants can often get intimidated by the appeals process which can be difficult and halt their appeal even though they are rightfully owed benefits.

Our Social Security Disability attorneys have considerable background serving clients in the application and appeals processes, and have the resources needed to recover the benefits our clients deserve.

What you should know about Social Security Disability

65% of people in need of Social Security Disability are denied on their first application.When looking to get SSD it’s often helpful to follow these tips:
– Check if your monthly earned income is under the limit
– Most people won’t qualify if they make more than a certain amount a month.
– Gather evidence showing that your disability has prevented you – or is expected to prevent you from working for at least a year.
– Make sure your application paperwork and medical records are accurate.
– Make sure your disabling impairment is on the SSA’s list of disabling conditions. (even if it is not on the list but it is as severe as those on the list, you may still be eligible for approval for Social Security Disability)
– If you followed those steps and were still denied, don’t give up, we may still be able to help…
– contact us for a free no-risk case evaluation.

Reason why people use an attorney for SSD

Almost 90 percent of SSD applicants seek the help of representative and 65 percent of all first time applicants are denied their claim on the first try. The complexity of the appeals process often leads to people withdrawing their claims after they have been denied. The chances of success in applying and appealing for SSD is far greater with a Social Security Disability attorney. Attorneys help avoid denials because and increase the chance of your initial application going through by spotting technicalities or other common errors. Our attorneys will guide you through the following process:

Preparation: It all starts before we begin filling out paperwork. Your attorney will help you gather the right documents to substantiate your claim such as personal information, military information, IRS forms, bank account info, addresses and phone numbers, medical records, referrals, medication history, employment history, and information on other disability claims if it applies. It is the job of the attorney to make sure no important information is missed and that your claim satisfies the SSA’s filing requirements for Social Security Disability.

Communication:  An attorney can keep track of the status of your claim, alert you to any requests for new information, and speak with Social Security Administration (SSA) representatives on your behalf to answer questions that may arise regarding your application.

Finalizing a Claim:  If your disability claim is approved, your attorney will review the SSA’s calculations to determine if any vital information was missed or if any errors were made. He or she will also address any questions you may have concerning your new benefits.

Appeal:  If your application for benefits was not approved, you may be able to file an appeal with an attorney.

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