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Auto Accident

Verdict for a Buffalo woman who was a passenger in an auto accident. She had undergone multiple surgeries on multiple body parts. She was working prior to the accident and will never be able to work again. Although she was a passenger, the insurance company and their attorneys blamed her for the accident.


Auto Accident

Settlement for a Buffalo woman injured in a motor vehicle accident. She needed multiple surgeries including on her shoulder, knee and back.


Auto Accident

Compensation for a South Carolina man who was hurt in a motor vehicle accident when he was already in a wheelchair. After his accident, he needed various neck surgeries that risked full paralysis.


Auto Accident

Trial verdict for a West Seneca man hurt in an Auto Accident. The initial offer from the insurance company was $25,000.00, however, we sued the case and fought the insurance company. The insurance company retained attorneys from New York City to fight everything on this matter. The client was forced to undergo various surgical procedures which made it necessary to fight for what they deserved!


Workers’ Compensation

Compensation for a Lockport man who was given an improper ladder to work from. The ladder slipped and he needed knee surgery in order to regain the ability to work. This man lost years of work-life while providing for his wife and family.


Workers’ Compensation

Win for a Buffalo man who was injured while he fell off a ladder and needed hip surgery and treatment for a head injury. The property manager gave him an inappropriate ladder, causing the ladder to slip.


Workers’ Compensation

Recovery for a Buffalo woman who fell while working. Her employer sent her to another facility of another company that did not adequately protect people from slipping on the stairs. She needed surgery in order to recover and get back to work.  


Motor Vehicle Accident

A payout for a Gasport man who was injured in a motor vehicle accident. He needed to have surgery on a body part that already had degenerative conditions.  

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