Why you need a diverse law firm

The Fault in the Focus, why you need a diverse law firm

We’ve built our firm solely with the client in mind. We handle all injuries from faulty equipment at work to getting injured in a car. From falling off a ladder at work to slip and falls. The reason is simple, sometimes cases are complicated and fall into multiple categories. We feel that having a firm that does both workers’ compensation and all facets of personal injury we can better represent you.

It’s very easy for your workers’ comp case to also have personal injury component with it. What that means is that your law firm needs to know more than just car accidents. If they only do car accidents and your case has a workers’ compensation part to it (such as injured while driving for work), they will refer you case out to another law firm for that part of the case. The reason why this could have a big impact on your case goes beyond having to coordinate things yourself with two law firms, now it’s possible you have two different lawyers with two different strategies.

One plus one could equal less.

If your workers’ comp law firm has one strategy and the personal injury law firm has another, this could spell less benefits for you; and this has proven to be the case. There is no guarantee that the two different firms are talking and planning on your behalf, in fact it’s quite possible after your other case has been referred out that your current lawyer takes it off their plate and pays it no mind.

Here’s a scenario, what if your Personal Injury law firm wants to settle your case before your Workers’ Comp law firm is done with its case? That could have a large impact on the Workers’ Comp benefits and could possibly be detrimental to the case, costing you thousands.  An example of this is that if your Personal Injury case is settled prematurely, and that injury attorney gets paid their legal fee, while they get paid, your workers’ compensation benefits (for time off and medical bills) could be drastically reduced, if not cut off completely.  Now, you have to pay your own medical bills. 

There are a large number of scenarios in which the timing and coordination between the two cases, personal injury and workers’ comp, needs to be precise to get all of the benefits you deserve.

It makes sense when injured to go to a law firm that can handle both your compensation case and your third party, personal injury matter. At Ramos & Ramos our team of attorneys will tirelessly work together to make sure all facets of your case are working together to maximize the benefits and recovery your obtain.

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