Ramos & Ramos Fights For You

We recently settled a case out for just under $250,000, but that’s not what makes this story interesting or special. What makes it interesting is the client had a personal injury accident which caused her to lose her job. After losing her job she couldn’t support herself and sought legal counsel to make ends meet.

It was at that time that the client went to five law firms with her case and all five turned her and her case away….the 6th firm was Ramos & Ramos.

We knew we had to take the case, she had unpaid medical bills and expenses with no money coming in. We fought the insurance companies hard through multiple depositions and multiple motions.In the end we were able to utilize a Judge and the Court processes to get the results she deserved. The attorneys at Ramos & Ramos will put in the work no matter how large or small your case is. We know it could be all you have.

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