Most important questions after a workers’ comp injury

Getting injured on the job is not something you think about before it happens. When it happens you are going to have questions, we have compiled the “most important questions after a workers’ comp injury”.

Question 1: What do I do when I get hurt on the job?

If the injury is bad enough that it requires immediate medical attention, you should seek medical treatment immediately. After that you should report your injury to your supervisor. Make sure that you report your injury in writing via a report or email so you and your employer have a record of it. Keep in mind that in the state of New York you have 30 days to report the injury, so time is critical.

Question 2: Can I be fired for filing a workers’ compensation claim?

No. This would be considered retaliation which would be illegal in most states. Your employer cannot fire you simply for being injured at work. There are other instances where an employee may be fired or laid off while out on workers’ comp benefits, but these should in no way be tied to filing or reporting your injury.

Question 3: Who can treat my workers’ comp injury?

If you get hurt at work you have the right to use your people, your doctor. Don’t let your employer or the insurance companies stack the deck in their favor by trying to get you to go to their hand picked doctor. It’s your health, it’s your right, you choose the doctor.

Question 4: Do I need an attorney?

Attorneys are not required for all Workers’ comp claims. If you are dealing with consistent rejections, denials and delays from your insurance carrier or employer it may be something you want to consider. Your workers’ comp attorney will help fight to get you the medical and indemnity benefits that you deserve. If you have questions after a workers’ comp injury call Ramos & Ramos for answers at 716-810-6140

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